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Our Bands

Marching Band

The Ram Marching Band performs during parades, football halftime shows, and competitions. The marching band season often coincides with football season, and students dedicate time to rehearsals for precise and synchronized performances. Competitions provide opportunities for bands to showcase their skills and creativity, fostering a sense of teamwork, discipline, and school pride.

Pep Band

Our pep band plays energetic music at school sporting events and pep rallies to boost school spirit and engage the crowd. Pep band can be a fun and spirited experience for high school musicians, allowing them to showcase their musical talents in a more informal and dynamic setting. Pep bands play a significant role in fostering school pride and contributing to the energetic atmosphere at various school events.

Concert Band

The Westside concert band is a musical ensemble consisting of students who play various instruments like woodwinds, brass, and percussion. They perform a diverse repertoire, including classical and contemporary music, in concerts, competitions, and community events. Participation offers students valuable musical experiences and fosters teamwork and discipline.

Jazz Band

The high school jazz band is a musical ensemble that specializes in performing jazz music. Comprising various instruments, including brass, woodwinds, and a rhythm section, the band explores jazz styles such as swing, blues, and Latin jazz. Students develop improvisational skills and often perform in concerts, festivals, and jazz competitions.

Concert Percussion


Concert Percussion is a musical ensemble that specializes in performing percussion music during the Winter season. Comprising of various instruments, the ensemble explores a plethora of musical styles and percussion techniques for the sake of musical performance and growth. Students develop music literacy skills and often perform in the Carolina Winter Ensemble Association (CWEA) circuit.

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